How do I get my insurance to pay for a brand-name drug over a generic?

Your insurance company will often prefer that you use a generic over a brand-name medication. But what should you do if your doctor recommends that you take a brand-name?

Under some plans, you can choose the brand-name drug. You will simply pay more. For example, if you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan and you choose the brandBuy Generic Adderall rand-name and generic drug.

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In other cases, you may have to go through step therapy before your insurance company will over the brand-name medication. You will usually need to try less expensive alternatives before your insurance will cover the brand-name. If you try these other drugs and your company still denies coverage, you can ask your doctor to help you file an appeal or see if your doctor can prescribe an alternative medication that doesn’t require step therapy.

You can also ask your doctor to write to the insurance company and request that the brand-name drug be added to the company’s preferred drug list, which includes drugs that have the best coverage. You doctor will need to demonstrate the drug’s effectiveness through peer-reviewed studies.

Finally, see if there’s a manufacturer copay card for the medication. These cards help people with private insurance save on brand medications. If you don’t have insurance, find out if the medication has a patient assistance program. These programs help people who meet certain requirements to afford medications at a reduced cost.

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